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“Active Surveillance: A Virtual Round Table on Lessons learned from Recent and Actual Specialists and Patient Testimonials.
What is really fundamental to know?” (in het Engels)

Geleid door: Cosimo Pieri (IT) and Tania Estapé (ES) – Board members Europa Uomo
Video-clips van Hendrik Van Poppel, Monique Roobol, Riccardo Valdagni, Lara Bellardita, Chris Bangma

Dinsdag 29 maart van 17:45 tot 18:45 uur.

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  1. Welcome
  2. In this webinar, EUomo will focus on the following questions:
    • How Prostate Cancer treatments evolved and what is Active Surveillance?
    • How Early Diagnosis provides better Quality of Life and when it is possible to choose Active Surveillance strategy?
    • How and when Active Surveillance was developed and which are the scientific evidences of solidity of Active Surveillance?
    • Which support to patients may be given by local patient organizations?
    • Which psychological attitude by patients and medical world is needed when facing the Active Surveillance journey?
  3. Conclusion
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